2012-09-15 05:29:18 (UTC)

I didn't say anything

Should I have said something I just stood their and she asked me should I go out with him and. Said yes then she asked me how many girls he dated last year and I said six but we all know he dated 13 and I can't believe that I lied to her she is like my best friend why did I do that I could tell her all about him instead I tell her that he is a great person and she is lucky but she has no idea and it is all my fault maybe I should have said hey he is a player and he doesn't care about you he just want s to makeout with yOu but instead I stood their and when he dumps her I will stand their and do what tell him he is a jerk no he Lready knows that but I still love him and she is dating him and he keeps flirting with me so I have no idea what to do he stuck his feet on me and he keeps playing footzies with me and I fel so bad And I am starting to like him more and more

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