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2012-09-14 02:13:32 (UTC)

Testing the Waters

After that lengthy journal entry i decided to go back to last year and see how many entries i kept. When i write one i put it in like 9.13.12.docx, but if it is one i don't send i name it i found that there were three entries i never showed Him.

He wants to see them all, so i will see what He says about those three. At the time they were things i didn't want to tell Him, and one of them still is...not that i am ashamed, just that i don't want Him to worry. But it has been months and in one case over a year since i wrote them, so it will be a good experiment for me to see how He reacts.

i am a slave and should trust Him, but i am slow to trust, and trust (like respect) must be earned...i still haven't told Him about this...but i know one day i will. Eventually i always tell Him everything.

By now it's SUPER late. i have GOT to get some sleep.