my Journey
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2012-09-13 12:25:56 (UTC)

*To Survive*

A bit of pain is all we need, yeah
To put us in our place where we're supposed to be.
Nothing's good but we're all fine
Hey, thanks for asking.
Why don't you come sit and recline?

Social life has consequences like beating your kids.
To keep us straight, to keep us good.
To make sure we are never misunderstood
We pay the price for our father's debts
They wonder why our lives are so full of regret
Let's forget the things we've seen
We were drinking too much I think

Oh no,
No we couldn't know

But we survived our best
We surpassed the rest
Maybe we can rest
We survived our best.

A little girl, so afraid
She wants to take her little life away
Goes to school, but can't run and play
She must pay for the oppression of her classmates

Girl goes home. what has she done?
Does it matter once the beatings have begun?

Oh no, oh no
No it never matters

But she survived her best
She surpassed the rest
I hope that she can rest
She survived her best

Another day. More pain.
Blood drips down upon the page of her
Bible. The only place she can feel safe
But today is the same: She can't feel anything.

She falls, alone...alone again
Blood drips. Page red. Her sins.

Oh no, oh no
No not again

She survived her best
And now she's lain to rest.
And we survive our best.
I hope we pass this test
And make it to survive.