my Journey
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2012-09-12 21:59:46 (UTC)

~To Break Up or Not to Break Up~

Everytime I stop to think about all of these heavy things,

I just wish they would go away..buried in the games we play

Shoveling out memories of all the things you've done to me

Of all the times you shut me out

But how could I go on without you?

Everytime I take a step, "I love you," settles on my breath

Without you here I cannot breathe, still part of me just wants to leave.

Everything will work out fine, if only for a little time

But everyone looks down on me

I'm always struggling hard to be

What they all want... ...from me

What's expected so they don't think I'm crazy.

Fit into the mold

That they've cut out for me

Hope I don't do wrong

They might abandon me

I know he'd never understand

Why I'd choose to take my stand

How I can't balance on this sand

That shifts each time I take your hand

I need for you to be my muse

Instead, you leave me so confused

I'm too involved to leave you now

Plus, I have no idea how


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