my Journey
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2012-09-12 21:47:18 (UTC)


Why do I think I'm so smart,

when I know there are smarter than me?

Why do I want to excel,

when I'll probably be met with defeat?

Why do I keep trying,

when nothing ever ends?

Why do I keep wishing,

when nothing ever bends?

Why do I keep asking,

when answers never come?

Why do I keep searching,

although there is no sun?

Why do I feel saddened,

when nothing's really wrong?

Why do I keep singing,

when my heart has no songs?

Why do I keep dreaming,

when my dreams will never be?

Why do I keep thinking,

good things never come to me?

Why do I still pity,

over things I cannot change?

Why do I feel empty,

when my head is full of things?

Why do I have companions,

when they'll only go away?

Why do I ask these questions,

when no one will answer anyway?...


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