my Journey
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2012-09-12 21:42:10 (UTC)


I know this stare, look in my eyes
Don’t let your thoughts control your mind
Shut off your soul before you try
To fight it off cause you’ll just die
If you don’t want to lose yourself
Then quick, become somebody else
It really doesn’t matter who
Just as long as they’re not you
And as long as you forget
Who you are and where you’re at
Why you’re here and what you’re doing
If you dwell you’ll just be losing
Parts of you you won’t get back
Look to the future because that’s
The time when you should think about
What’s happened; don’t be here without
Your tall walls and a hardened head
Don’t let these sheets become your bed
Don’t let this spread become your grave
A cave in which your mind’s enslaved
Don’t let their actions bring you down
It doesn’t even matter now
What anybody does to you
When you’re dead nothing can hurt you
Become that way while you’re alive
Hold your head up, and you’ll be fine


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