my Journey
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2012-09-12 21:28:56 (UTC)


You think you understand your life
The day he finally makes you fight
You won’t stand up cause you’re too weak
So say hello to your defeat

Tell me that I don’t see the truth
Tell me my 'lies' aren’t getting through
Make me feel bad because I care
I don’t want you to die out there

Eventually I know you’ll fall
I tried to warn you of it all
But you never listen to me
And that’s alright; one day you’ll see

It will be too late, but then
You never knew I was your friend
So why believe a word I say?
He’s taken all your faith away

So follow him and don’t look back
I can’t take this so I will pack
And leave you here to face the day
You realize it was all a game

I hope you die with dignity
I loved you more than you will see.


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