my Journey
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2012-09-12 21:19:02 (UTC)

~The Prisoner~

This happens to me every time I try to get away
I put my faith in hope, but it just blows up in my face
In my excitement, I make plans that never leave the ground
And when I need it most of course my freedom's never found.
So don’t chastise me, bring me down
Don’t speak cause I can’t take the sound
Of my escape escaping me
Lock me away; don’t let me see
The sun that used to guide my way
Cause I won’t get there anyway
Plus I don't want to see the stars
They carry my dreams much too far
So let them all stay in the sky
And listen to my lullaby
The one you sing when I’m okay
To make me fall into this place
Where damp concrete becomes my friend
Look well—you won’t see me again.