my Journey
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2012-09-12 21:13:50 (UTC)


Fear to breathe
Fear to die
So this is power

Eyes fall
Head lowers
Depression beats me down

Strange emotion
Full of pain
So difficult to express

Carelessly forged
From brittle iron
In the hands of a fool

Tranquility of the lake
Happiness of the birds
All foreign to me

The world softly weeps
As its people kill themselves
Its tears scream farewell.

We watch ourselves fall
From our own futile attempts
And none of us care.

Many children cry
Quietly alone inside
Oft times never heard.

Thorns choke out the rose
The flower closes its eyes
Hiding from the truth.

The bird sat alone
Whistling its sordid song
Mocking everything.

Nobody here knows
Anything we think we do:
False knowledge and hope.

In our loathsomeness
We all appear to be wise
True ignorance here.

Phone rings
I go back to bed
You again.

You taught me well.

Lies spilling
On me
In your hate

Tired of it all
Invision a blade
And never open your eyes

Watch the darkness
Ignore the lies
Become consumed in your insanity

My emotions fall but
My spirits rise
Everytime I see my love

Blood drips down her face
Alone, she sleeps outside
So this is despair