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2012-09-11 14:46:08 (UTC)

Credit and Responsibility

"Many people make the mistake of assuming that giving up control also means giving up responsibility. No matter what the situation, a slave shares equal responsibility for any consequences, either good or bad, that occur as a result of consensual activities."

Hm. i am torn on this. Yes, i agree to give Master myself. i agree that makes me 50% accountable…but what about when i don’t want to do something and He makes me? Then i am left to decide to defy Him or risk responsibility…i don’t have to worry with Master about this, but hypothetically it seems like a lose/lose situation. i trust that Master would never throw me under the bus so to speak if i submitted to Him and something went wrong.

i mean what if we were in the middle of a grocery store and He pulled my hair and i looked at Him, terrified, begging with my eyes for mercy and He pulled harder. What would i do? Well honestly i don’t know that i would suck His Cock even though i should as His slave: anything, anyplace, any time. But let’s just pretend i’m a perfect slave and do. What if He blamed it all on me? Or just failed to explain that He basically created a law that was impossible for me to refuse? i mean that would be the same thing.

Master has told me He would never set me up. i don’t worry about this. i do however wish He would speak for me. If something bad were to ever happen, i wouldn’t want to explain things. i would much rather just get in trouble with Him and let Him deal with anyone outside our relationship, even if that meant the punishment being more harsh or Him being more angry.

As far as good, i kind of feel the same way as with bad. Master should get a lot of the credit. i’m not saying i shouldn’t because being a slave is some serious fucking hard work. But ultimately i couldn’t be what i am if He wasn’t what He is to me. So if i am or become a good slave it is only because He is a good Master to me. Therefore, He should get more credit than me. But i should get credit from Him for the work i put into my slavery, and He gives me that. i don’t feel neglected or overlooked.

i just can’t agree with the sentence. No matter what the situation? No…Master is in Charge. Everything is ultimately His responsibility, but if i go along with something He has commanded i do then i am in trouble because i still did it even though i had no choice. It’s like that outside of BDSM. If someone FORCED me to kill someone else, i would still go down for murder…maybe a slightly reduced sentence, and the other person would be prosecuted also, but i wouldn’t be innocent.

With great responsibility comes great rewards…Master is in Charge. i am His property, so He owns my credit in a sense. It’s still mine because i earned it, but as i said before, i couldn’t have earned the credit were it not for His expertise as a Master and the way He treats me. So if i grow as a slave it’s because He has allowed it through love and providing me security and the sense that i can be honest with Him. Those things i didn’t do. It would be like crediting the sower for the garden. If it weren’t for the earth or the sun or the rain nothing would grow. Master creates the environment, and i do the work. He is ultimately responsible for giving me that environment, which makes Him eligible for some of the credit.


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