my Journey
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2012-09-11 13:14:13 (UTC)


What sexual act arouses you the most?
for that matter, what nonsexual act arouses you the most?


• When He does anything to do with my neck…breathing on it…running His Hand across it…choking me…laying His Hand on it threatening to choke me…squeezing the sides of my neck for compliance…biting
• i really enjoy limit pushing. i like to see my progress, but i like the challenge. i like being forced to do things that i couldn’t do on my own but i know Master would enjoy or find amusing.
• Kneeling for Him and performing other types of protocol to demonstrate my respect for Him and focus for my slavery.
• Sacrifices, which could go under limit pushing…but i mean something i wouldn’t even want to do…not something i want to do but feel too slutty to ask permission for. A sacrifice is something i really don’t want to do but do anyway simply because i know Master wants it. Sacrificing reminds me that He is in control, and it demonstrates to Him what i would do to please Him.
• my neck and my ears are very sensitive. i love being touched there, on my face, my arms…
• Bondage and surprises. Sensory deprivation.
• Spontaneity: especially when He is aggressive with it.
• i like it when He asks me questions or makes me repeat Him during a sexual activity, especially when it is difficult to do so and when He makes me say it over and over again.
• i like it when He tells me to hold His cum in my mouth and not swallow until He says i can.
• i want to learn hand signals or eye signals or something so that He will have more options when commanding me…it turns me on to have to memorize what things mean and be tested with them to see how good of a little slut and how competent of a slave i can be.
• new toys, new ideas, new scenes…things i couldn’t even imagine…i love to have my mind blown
• The possibility of being seen
• Humiliation….but light for now because i am really sensitive. Little things like when He grabbed His tittie in public and i know that old lady saw…it’s kind of like a public claiming. Not particularly overt, but it gets the point across to people. i know everyone knows i’m His slut which embarrasses me. i know i’m being a good slave which makes me feel good about myself. i know i’m amusing Him which pleases me. And in all that my face burns red and i feel like a little child with no idea how to react. i like the humiliation, and i like the conflicting emotions, and i like that people know Whose i am and what i am even if they don’t get it. i like the fact that i’m owned being on display…but within reason.
• Leash on…i want to know what feels like to be walked on my hands and knees…and to come to Master begging
• Begging to cum and being told no…to prove my loyalty and dedication to my Master’s Words


• When i look down or away from Him in order to be submissive. It turns me on whether it was intentional or instinctive. Sometimes i do and don’t realize it until it’s already been done.
• Holding His hair in my hands and kissing Him
• Feeling His Arms in any way because reminded He is strong makes me feel very submissive and safe…especially being pinned
• Any opportunity i have to be of service and saying, “yes, Master” or “yes, Sir”
• Master picking on me because even though sometimes it pisses me off i know i have entertained Him at least in some way.
• Master calling me by my slave name, my favored name, or complimenting me in any way.
• The effort He puts into protecting me.
• Anticipation, whether in a scene or not.
• The smile He gets when He knows something He won’t say.
• Losing an argument.
• Sitting on the floor beneath Him and putting my head in His lap.
• Knowing He sees me when i am asleep and that He is there when i wake up
• Not having to worry about whether or not He truly loves me.
• He is just so goddamn cool
• He’s really funny
• Mindfucks
• Master telling me what to wear or eat
• Master being a chauvinist because i have a traditional mindset too and so when He says something about how women shouldn’t do this or how they need to be in the kitchen even if He doesn’t mean it, that turns me on because i know He will appreciate things like me cleaning and cooking and doing things a woman should.
• Wearing my collar and my bracelets


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