my Journey
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2012-09-11 12:51:57 (UTC)

~Regret II~

i’m hopeless and empty look what i’ve become
a shell of a person, so perfectly numb
indecisive there seems nothing left now to do
but break down and cry out. try to get through to You

i’m afraid i will never repay my mistakes
i want You to know that i carry the weight
every day and it’s heavy. i falter beneath
all the stinging my heart feels from things i can’t reach
To undo so i try to do my best today
even though seems at times my attempt is a waste

i am nothing to You looking far down at me
i am frozen, i’m shrinking, feels like i can’t breathe
and i’m so small compared to what’s in front of me
i have no hope left You’ll ever see good in me
but i can’t turn away. i will stay and i’ll fight
i love You and i want to stay by Your side