my Journey
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2012-09-11 12:33:47 (UTC)

~The Clearing~

By the shallow waters where the leaves freeze in the stoic air
she waits in shadows, making waves with smooth and colored stones
And as the sun glides o’er the trees like burning, glowing memories
she seeks the wisdom of a plan for how she can atone

Yet as the fiery cloud descends while nothing here has seemed to mend
she wonders how to face the bend she’s added to her road
The ripples of the pond flow farther, Master’s words, like fire, char her
she whispers her apologies and tries to stay composed

So as the sun begins to hide and night takes over evening’s sky
she tries to tell herself she’s fine, but she feels so alone
Spirits, they come out to play, and she begins to feel afraid
What right does she have to complain? she came here on her own.

The moon highlights her crystal tears; she yearns for Master to be near
she’s lost something she cannot find, and she is not at home.
And so the girl lays down her head in confused sorrow’s broken bed
she hopes tomorrow’s sun will bring some action she can show.


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