my Journey
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2012-09-11 12:18:41 (UTC)


Master, i know that i don’t show You how much i respect You
When i do stupid things without considering what i am doing.
And i know that i should always consider.
i know i should always act as if You are with me
Because You are.

Master, i know that i am not as mature as i should be
i want to get there, but i do not know how.
Forcing may not be a workable solution.
So i am doing what i can do and hoping You will be patient
Because i am trying.

Master, i know that You love me because You show me
When i do not deserve it, and it means a lot that You do.
But i worry that one day Your love will grow tired
And when i mess up You will make me leave
Because i made a mistake.

Master, You tell me actions speak louder than words
And i’m sorry that sometimes my actions are whispers.
i wish that i could take everything away
And go back to when You first loved me
Because i don’t want to fuck this up.

Master, if i could rewrite it, this year would be different.
But whether i am in trouble or not
And regardless of whether i am crying or ashamed
i am so happy that You are my Master
Because You are the only one i will ever have.


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