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2012-09-09 01:42:32 (UTC)


I love him he likes gabby gabby likes him what else is there to say I am a loner with no frIends and like a person and has no one to share it 2 and now Obama like freaking out and I want to I don't know anymore I just don't know anymOre I need a break I need a friend but I am only friends with boys and my best friend decosined me if that is even a word it means that she told everyone that we r not cousins and I am just here sitting needing a break from life but I dont get one my break used to be Camden now I don't have one because he is gone! He used to not let anyone hurt me or bother me he would just hug me or hold hands with me and everyone would go away. And wHen ppl ithered me and I got stressed he would hug me and tell me it's okay and everything would be fine!!! I thInk I am going to take a bath then meditate I herd it actually workks .