2012-09-08 04:04:28 (UTC)

Falling is fadol

My heart pounds my books rushes to my head my heart screams go kiss him!!! But my head says if you know what's best for you, don't love him !!! I don't know If I can do this anymore it is hard and it hurts because he likes gabby and she likes him and I am such a bItch because Trenton likes me a lot and I told Laufton that I kinda liked him a little bit but I wasn't sure and he told Trenton that. I liked him a lot and that he should ask me out now I'm like crap because he likes me and I don't know if I am even over Camden yet! So this sucks and plus I have this pen that I used to pass notes with and here was a note from last year that said hi which I wrote and on the other side it said got hot and yes Camden did write it and I never took it out then I was showing Laufton and he took it and he is gonna put it in Camden's face and say remember this !!!!? So I was like hahahahahahahaahah that is so funny so I was like ou should and he keeps 4 getting !!! And Camden sang this song for me and it sounds stupid but it is sweet and anyway it keePs playYing now I'm like wtf and I am peeeeeeeesed and sad because gabby is so In love with hom and he loves her too and I want that girl to be me !!$$! He is that guy that gives up his hoodie when u don't have a jacket and when it is col he cuddles up to me and sometimes when I am having the worst day ever he will notice and come give me a hug and make it all better and he would always come up behond me when u least expect it and put his arms around my waist and wish per you look beautiful how did I get so lucky? He was the best and I want him back