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2012-09-08 02:39:57 (UTC)

lonely :/

hey, I just need to talk about something that's on my mind a lot lately and love to have a reply or something,

so I've been having a hard time lately, I've been feeling very lonely lately, I miss having a boyfriend and I read stories all the time where girls are all happy with their boyfriends and how they cuddle and joke around and just have a good time with them and to be honest I'm extremely jealous. I just want a boyfriend like that. I like this guy whose my friend, he likes another girl but recently he told me he liked me too (and the other girl) but that he just wants to stay friends because he doesn't want to commit to a relationship. I got friend zoned by him! and it's not the first time it's happened either. I seriously feel like shit. I don't think he really likes me and just said that to make me feel better after I told him I was lonely one night and just wanted someone to love me (in a boyfriend way) it hurts so much right now. I feel so ugly and alone because no one likes me as a crush. ive only had one boyfriend and he turned out to be an asswhole. I just need someone to hold me when I need to be held, someone to make me laugh and smile even if I feel like crap, I need someone who I tell them I love them and they tell me right back, meaning it. ugh, I feel so lonely.

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