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2012-09-07 05:06:23 (UTC)

Should i say something

So today I noticed that gabby has sat by me for three days in a row at Lincoln and she told Camden not to sit by her to sit in front of her. So out of curiosity I asked her of she liked camden and she said ..........yes!!!! Oh shit!!!! Then she said he likes me too and thinking about it it makes sense every time we r in the hallway he gives her a high five!!!! No dough I'm so stupid!!! Now I am sad but I am also worried about gabby! She is just like all the other girls in his eyes, so should I say something!!! I have no idea what if he has changed??? Probably not but she isn't allowed to date Anyway but he might convince her!! This is just like when I first got here I was new and he played my then convinced me now I'm stuck and he is done with me!!!! And it mIght happen to gabby:(

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