2012-09-03 01:36:59 (UTC)


Smiles, cheer
The undying opposite of our lovely friend death.
Wonderful. Impossible, endless
Yet the moment we are born
We are subject to actually
See less than 5 percent of earth.
Greenery and flowers bloom with vivid dances
Across the meadows where the light catches
The end of each plant, uniquely and distinctly
Giving them their own crisp color.
Buildings, skyscrapers, sidewalks,
Tall towers literally grabbing hold of our sky
And bathing in clouds.
There is a special memory we hold in sunlight, no?
My people have always taught me it was simply an enormous burning star wandering aimlessly in a gap where other stars float,
And in this freezing gap, there are our
Orbs that circle and spin around this star,
And from our point of view
We cannot see this gap, yet sometimes we can feel it. Rocks, meteors...speeding so fast
Toward our earth ablaze in a hot trail
That barely makes it as dust by the time it reaches contact with the Earth.
Our people watch these flames,
Setting ablaze their own heart, their own passion.
I believe we do all have a purpose, whether it's for good or evil,
Yet a balance exists where there is no medium
So one cannot exist without the other.
So you see,
The sun is important to's my own light,
The one I keep inside my chest,
Beating its low bass drum of equity,
Of personality,
Giving me soul, awakening a vessel.
The sun and earth have been there for the very past and present and future, even for me when vessels aren't promised a tomorrow.
Tomorrow or no tomorrow, the sun
Reaches its warm hands into the memories I hold dear.
Whenever I see the sun out on a clear sky,
It's going to be a good day,
Since it already began beautiful.
The greatest thing about sunlight
Is that it's wonderful, impossible,
And we do not focus
But if you put your hand to your heart
And listen closely
You'll feel it for yourself
That even the sun
Hurls more than just
Rays of light.

And that warmth...
That's how you make me feel.