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2012-09-05 18:06:53 (UTC)

In a difficult possision right now !!!!!

dont think i can keep up a smile any longer than i hav done .... im trying so hard not to let people see the pain behind the smile on my face........ my dad even said i can move in with him welll he lives 1 hour n 30 mins away from my house and i am in sixth form now and i wont get bck in anywhere else so i sed no !! i thought i cud put up with the arguments i thought i could do it but i am cracking....

me bf's mom (big mama) she is an amazing lady and me bf is an amazing person i hav never been treated so well in my life and i am grateful for that u have no idea they also saved my life .... literally........... if it wasnt for them i wudnt be here.

im crackin ...... i keep thinkin .. thinkin to much but if i put with these arguments (petty arguments) i am goin to make meself ill

i no it sounds bad but i hav actually been thinkin bout takin up the offer by my dad to go and live with him but .... it is my sixth form education i am mostly worried about and i dont want to leave the guy who has made my life worth living.

But i would rather be sumwhere where i am safe, happy and healthy rather than sumwhere where i am unhappy and cant get sleep at night and just dont feel comfortable at all but yet again do ont want to leave me sixth form cuz i wont get that anywhere else n i dont wanna leave the best guy that ever happened 2 me :'(

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