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2012-09-05 04:24:41 (UTC)

She hates me

Mu best friend that has been there for me sense 4 th grade is pissed ate and barely talks to me I asked her if she was doing anything And she said no so I said do you want to hang out and she said I will make plans it made me sad and my heart dropped I was so upset I almost cried she had never said anything that was that strong fully hurtful and it was like a knife that slowly pushed its way to my heart and then I bled slowly and it felt like I was going to die but I said ok by and walked away without crying and walked home ! I was so upset but I didn't show it and I just walked on but inside I was bleeding and hurting! Only few people can get to me and hurt me and she hurt me unlike anyone else had ow you are probably thinking ya I know what she felt like you have no I dea how I feel my best friend my sister my cosin my one and only person I can tell everything making plans so she doesn't have to hang with me that that that is just something that hurts! =:::::::::::::::::{

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