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2012-09-05 04:09:15 (UTC)

I miss him

What am u supposed to do when I am so in love with you and you have no idea and you might have the same feelings for me and niether of us will ever knOw. This is making me upset and I don't knOw how to controll it because I just want to be with you all the time and I wish this could be easier for me to tell you but I obviously don't have the balls to do anything or tell you that I love you I never did.sometimes I wonder if life would be different if I did kiss you or if I didn't tell you that I got my phone back when I had it in Idaho and I just want you to know that I would and will do anything for you. Camden if you are readIng this I love you and miss you!!! Please come and hold my hand and kiss me and hug me at least i haven't hugged anyone that isn't part of my family sense last year! This may make me sound like a slut but that isn't normal and when I saw you laugh at lunch it made me smile and when you told me that Laufton hurt you I almost asked if you were okay instead of laughing like everyone else you see you make me soft and I can't do anything about it!!! I wish we could be togetuer again!!!!! I regret sending that text and I hope that I didn't hurt you because hurting you wouldn't make me feel anybetter and I tell everyone that I am fine and I laugh and title but I am bidding behind all the good parts of life , but I barely have anything to hide behind now I used to have my family and Camden but now I barely have Camden. My family is split and now Camden is going away slowly and me being with him isn't the same