2012-09-04 02:50:04 (UTC)

What the hell

I miss him I love him and I want him next to me all the time not even kidding!when u see him I have to hold myself back from kissing him i have to say what the hell are you doing don't be a stupid bitch!!!!!!!! I just can't do this anymore I am freaking out all the Time!!!!!! I want him to hug me I love to hug him because he is warm a
and he is just so hot I mean seriously he is a hottie not joking and last year he wanted to kiss me I mean wtf am I waiting for...........ya good question, I waiting for hom to kiss me I think oh and his family used to love me until my dad said hey send him a text that says fuck you ass hole in code and I didn't think he was wber going to talk to me but then he says hey are you still mad at me and of course the stupid person that I am I say no and not only that I askk if he is still mad at me and he says no wtfbis my Problem I didn't know that I was this stupid I mean seriously I am just like All those other stupid girls wearing minny skirts and belly shirts with 4 bras and lots of makeup and died hair I mean that girl isn't me I am the bad ass girl who hates drama and wears sskinny jeans with a t shirt and sneakers with no makeup and just being in love with him has turned me into bootyshorts and pink tank tops with lip gloss( pink lip glOSS) that isn't me I don't know that girl wearing skinny jeans anymore I want to be her so bAd that. Am turnIng into a bitch who is all about Not being a drama queen that she has turned into one!!!!! I hate this I want to have never sent that text or maybe have been in mr. Cultumes class :( I mean seriously :( I am a bitch now

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