2012-09-03 14:27:58 (UTC)

Nothing worse then silence

Okay so I told him. I told him how I felt. Now he says nothing. I could take a I dont want to talk to you anymore. I could take a f you. I could take a your a crazy psycho. I could take anything but nothing. Nothing. I know one day one day is his perfect existence he is gonna need me around. Maybe in my crazy existence Ill need him you never know but at least I dont have anything to regret or feel bad about anyway. At least I am honest with him even if he doesnt want me to be honest. I know I am explaining away any sad feelings I am having today. Thats how I cope explain away your bad feelings so you dont feel them anymore. He hates me never wants to talk to me again right? I dont know Im rambling. I dont expect a fairy tale in this. I dont expect him to be at my door in five minutes telling me he loves me and wants to be with me. I dont expect anything at all. But he I think expects me to throw myself upon him or something. God I hate the unknown why wont he talk? If anyone reads this be open to honesty. Dont be silent to a friend ever.

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