You've got a friend in Pennsylvania
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2012-09-03 01:25:06 (UTC)

3rd september

This isn't going to be just a yearly thing anymore, I'm hoping to do it more often and hopefully i'll get more interesting stuff written down that I can read sometime in the future.

I've just finished watching submarine on channel 4 and I'm feeling lonely. For about a year now i've been single and i've been fine with it, but if I'm honest I think i've developed feelings for someone.
He's my best friend, he's been there for me and I can't decide if I just love him because i'm so close to him or I actually love love him.
I don't think it's worth messing up though, because he's such a good friend. Also, he's the most beautiful boy ever and everyone is pretty sure that he is in fact gay.

I just texted one of my ex-boyfriends, I only ever really talk to him when I'm feeling down.

I'm starting to get worried about my weight again, I'm not fat but I don't like the fact my body can change so easily and it scares me.
Going to try and avoid carbs for a few weeks.

I apologise to anyone reading this diary entry because it is the most dull thing ever written but hopefully it will provide some kind of interesting reading for me in the future.

Every time I write something in a diary I always think that one day if the world ends and human life starts up again or whatever, that the only thing they can find is my diary and maybe it would become a best seller, like anne frank (not sure if her book was actually sold), but then again who would be interested in reading about a 17 year olds diary about basically nothing at all.