2012-09-02 05:13:18 (UTC)

Do you really fall out of love ????????????

I was thinking about how much I love Camden and I was thinking I have loved him since he held my hand that is almost 1 year and we have been on and off but I have always had feelings for him and one day. So i still love him and I think he still loves me and it is not that we can not or that we are uncap able of making it work it is just that we are done trying and we have given up! But I don't want to give up I want to keep trying and now with all these hormones and stuff I just want to walk up tO him say I love you then kiss him. And I have bever felt this way before and I just want to kiss him hold hands with him and stuff. It is crazy I felt like this last year too by nOt this bad this year I just I i I I I I I I just. Want to kisssssssss him!!!! And I just love him and I want to be with him!!!! I started watching these romantic movies and I want to kiss him. Ui don't know how to controll it so I drew a picture if us kissing and it helped yesterday but I can't draw a picture Of us kissing every time I want to kIss him I mean I would draw everyday!!! And that is not really my thing so that is a no go. Do you believe in giving up love because it is hard I know I don't I don't care how hard it is because I love him and it is worth it

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