The Real Me
2012-09-01 15:18:32 (UTC)

The ex

I never thought that things would get this bad, that my last memory of M would be of me highly disliking him and paranoid that hes taking revenge, for me doing nothing to him. I hope that God makes him see sense and stop bashing me. Then again I never expected him to cheat on me and that happened. How did someone go from being my guardian angel to the devil trying to rip me apart.Despite his actions I will not stoop to his level, I will not wish bad for him and I will never hate. I cannot really express how i feel, just a change of heart. Its bringing me down that someone is trying to be so negative and hateful towards me without even realizing what they are doing. That its literally bullying. Especially someone I knew as a friend for 3 years and went out with for a year and half. But there is nothing I can do but be strong about it and let it be.

I loved him deeply, with pretty much my heart, and despite who he is and his actions I forgive him for hurting me so much. I never understood why I had so much love for him, I guess the heart has no limits, they can treat you however they wish but once you give your heart you just do. I take it back now.