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Through My Eyes
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2012-09-01 05:52:38 (UTC)

Heartless on Friday

I received a call today, telling me a man I've know my entire life has had a heart attack. I couldn't bring my self to feel for this man. I had to think what kind of person have I become. Anybody else, I would have been on the floor balling my eyes out, but him I couldn't shed one tear. After I got the call I decided I would go see him in the hospital. I left my home, and even thought to myself. Why? Why? But, then I realized what kind of person I really am. I'm a forgiving person, at least that's what I tried to tell myself. I got to the hospital, seen him and still my heart didn't move, no emotion at all. I sat there just looking at this man who always told people I was his granddaughter. What he wasn't telling people was he was molesting me daily. A secret he didn't want released. Its funny how it doesn't even phase him at all. But, does a molester ever think about their victim. I sat in the room with a phony ass smile on my face, trying to be kind to a man who I truely despise.