2012-08-31 04:56:27 (UTC)

I would do anything

I would do anything for him. I wIsh he would hold me again!!! I want him to hug me and I want to hOld hands with him. Hang out at the Park and talk about whatever!!!! I wish I NEVER let my dad send that text one mistake and now I am a loner with no friends and is in love with a jerk!!!!!! Oh and my family sucks I had 2 things holding me together 1 was Camden 2 was my family well Camden is gone and my family is broken now I am holding on to memories that are keeping me together so remember when Camden and I used to play footszeez and he would always say you know I am going to win then I would take my foot off the bottom and put it on the top of his. And I would win and now I am going mentally crazy!!!!! I have nothing and no one I would do anything to let him lOve me again