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2012-08-31 04:49:14 (UTC)

I am stuck

Wyat am I supposed to do now.... No one knows...... Especially me!!!!!! I am like so mad butnibam so sad at the same time I don't know what to think anymore because i am used to People saying it for me !!! I have no friends I am in love with camden and he doesn't know and I don't think hebpoves me back my parents are like putting me on a rolar coaster and I don't know what tO except anymore !!!!! They tell me to not let anyone hurt me and I don't know what I am getting myself into!!!! But I do I know that I love him and I wish I could be with him what else do I need to know yes he is a jerk and he doesn't treat me that we'll but I love him and that is what it is nothing I can do about it and nothing they can do about it!!!!! I am so upset I just don't want to be strong anymore I am tired if it because NOTHiNG IS OK!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING