My feelings
2012-08-29 05:27:32 (UTC)

week 2

I am not entirely sure if my feelings for her are completely gone but now that im talking to other women, its just diminishing, like its not even love anymore, i feel that i just want to be there to support her in her decisions but also to protect her from making the bad choices, guide her and help her when i can, its been 2 weeks since our break up and im feeling good, im sure ill have my depressing moments, but if i can be happy again, being around my family again, im gonna grab at that opportunity. my family tells me i can do better. but this question always comes into my head. is it about finding better or finding that personwho makes you truely happy, that person who accepts you for who you are and that person wouldnt change anything about you. i sure i hope i find that person. and i hope i can help others along the way.
the key to any relationship is communication, if your afraid to tell the person your with how you feel and you cant talk to them about anything, you shouldnt force your self to stay in that relationship. you will only end up hurting your self.

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