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2012-08-28 03:14:33 (UTC)

His Wife

My Dom’s wife recently found out about our arrangement. I was under the mistaken impression that she had known about us all along, but I was wrong. She was pissed. In her mind, knowing that he was married, I should have gone to her directly and asked for permission to be his sub. I failed to do that. I apologized; but she said that wasn’t good enough. She said I deserved to be punished. I told her I would agree to be punished by her and I asked if she would then give me permission to continue being her husband’s sub. She said that would cost me extra.

First I would be punished for seeing her husband behind her back. Then if I still wanted to see him in the future, I would have to agree to something more. The punishment session would last one hour. The rest would be discussed later. I agreed.

On the day of the punishment session, I went to her house at the agreed upon time. My Dom would not be there to witness it; this was just between us girls. I dressed as instructed, in a pair of leggings and a t-shirt, with no underwear. When I go to the front door, she answered it and let me in. She looked me up and down and then ordered me to follow her to the basement. She was tall and thin and beautiful, and I was immediately intimidated by her.

In the basement, she told me to stand with my legs spread wide and hands behind my head. I obeyed. “I imagine you are expecting me to spank you. From what I hear, you love your spankings. You are going to enjoy what I have planned considerably less. Since it is your worthless cunt that got you into this mess, it is your worthless cunt that I intend to punish.”

With that said, and without further warning, she kicked me hard in my cunt. It caught me off guard and hurt a lot. I crouched down and covered my cunt with my hands. “Get back into position bitch. Open your legs. I am going to spend the next half hour kicking you in your fat cunt. If you refuse to hold the position, or fail to get back into position in a matter of seconds, I will tie you in position and then spend the full hour kicking you there.”

I stood up and spread my legs and put my hands back behind my head. As soon as I was in position, she kicked me again. I cried out and bent over a little, but just a little. After a second, I stood back up. She kicked me again, and again, and again.

I had never been kicked in the cunt before and I was amazed at how much it hurt. With my being so short and her legs being so long, it was easy for her to kick me with quite a bit of force. After 10 minutes, she ordered me to remove my shirt. It wouldn’t affect the punishment; she just wanted to embarrass me. After another 10 minutes of cunt-kicking, she ordered me to remove my leggings. I now stood before my Dom’s wife naked and vulnerable. All of a sudden I was terrified.

She brought out a blindfold and told me to put it on. For the last 10 minutes, I wouldn’t be able to see the kicks coming. Almost every one of the remainder kicks sent me falling to the floor in pain. I was openly crying and begging her to stop. She showed no mercy and merely ordered me back into position or risk being tied up and kicked for the full hour. I couldn’t keep count of the number of times she kicked me in my unprotected cunt. Each kick was hard, but last couple must have been full force because I saw stars and was left curled up on the floor in the fetal position.

She didn’t give me more than a minute to rest before moving on to phase two. She asked me if I had ever been fucked by a woman with a strap-on. I fearfully said no. Over her pants she put on a strap-on dildo, which I noticed was considerably larger than my Dom’s cock. She ordered me onto my hands and knees. I begged her not to do what she was going to do and apologized profusely for seeing her husband behind her back. She didn’t care. I was there to have my cunt punished and it was going to be punished.

She walked in front of me and mercifully allowed me to suck on her fake cock to lubricate it. I was humiliated beyond words, but I knew I had better do it or risk being torn open. She grabbed me by my hair and yanked my head down further and harder, making me deep-throat her strap-on. She called me a lying, cheating whore.

Once she was satisfied, she stepped behind me and aimed the huge dildo at my thoroughly thrashed cunt. She grabbed my hips and rammed it in. It was bigger than what I was used to and hurt a lot, particularly considering how much pain I was already in. Once in, she grabbed me by my hair and started fucking me hard. While fucking me, she scolded me for running around with her husband. “How dare you fuck my husband without my permission? You stupid fucking whore! This isn’t even half the punishment you deserve! Apologize to me now!”

“I’m sorry for fucking your husband without your permission. I’m sorry for being such a stupid fucking whore.”

She continued fucking me hard. “Thank me for punishing you. And make me believe you are sincere.”

“Thank you for punishing me. Thank you for punishing me for being a whore. I’m sorry for fucking your husband without your permission. Thank you for punishing me for it.”

She pulled my hair back harder and fucked me deeper. My cunt was so sore from the kicking I was tears. “You stupid whore. You really think my husband enjoys fucking your fat ass? Apologize again.”

“I’m sorry.”

She rammed me harder. “Louder bitch!”

“I’m sorry!”


“I’m sorry!!!” I was crying hard. She continued fucking me until she was satisfied that I was truly repentant. When she finally pulled out, she did not let me get up. While still on my knees, she kicked me hard in my cunt several more times. She then told me I could get dressed and left me sobbing on the floor.

When I went back upstairs, she was waiting for me. “So, do you still wish to continue seeing my husband?”


“Then here’s the deal. If you want him, you get me too. He will be your Dom, and I will be your Mistress. You will obey us both. You will find I am much stricter than he is and my standards are much higher. This will no longer be quite so sporadic and casual. You will be given rules to obey and severely punished for disobedience. Are you still interested?”


“Very well. Go home. Within the next couple of days I will email you with our proposed rules. There will be no negotiation. You either accept them, or say goodbye. Understand?”


“Good. Now get your fat ass out of my house.” I left.

Two days later I received a long and detailed email from my new Mistress:
You will only ever address me as Mistress. You will only ever address my husband as Sir. You will even put our numbers into your phone that way.
Your new name is pig-slut. You may never use any other name when speaking to or emailing us.
Anytime you are invited over here, you will come wearing nothing but a trench coat. Underneath you will be naked and barefoot. You will also have ‘pig-slut’ written across your chest.
When in our presence, you will speak only when spoken to. The only exception is that you may, and must, thank us for any pain we choose to inflict on you. You are not permitted to make eye contact with either of us unless given specific permission to do so.
You may not masturbate or orgasm without getting permission from your Dom. If you want to request permission, you may do so by text or instant message. You may only request it once on any given day. If your request is ignored, you will interpret that as a no. If you are granted permission, you will only be allowed to masturbate using your fingers while wearing your large butt plug and oinking like a pig. You are never allowed to cum any other way.
You are too fat and must lose some weight. I will help you. Every night you will email me with your proposed meal plan for the following day. If I accept it, you will follow that meal plan exactly. If I reject it, you will not be permitted to eat anything at all the following day. No arguments. It is that simple.
You will exercise or do something athletic every day. You will start at a 20 minute minimum and work your way up. In your nightly email to me, you will include what exercise you did that day and for how long. Your nightly email must be sent to me by 10pm.
Every Sunday morning you will weigh yourself and text me your current weight. Failing to lose weight will earn you a punishment; gaining weight will earn you an even worse punishment.
You may not contact me other than your nightly email and weekly text.
If you wish to chat with your Dom online, as I know you often do, you will request his attention via an instant message. Only ask once. If he does not respond, you may not attempt to contact him again that night.
You may occasionally receive additional rules or instructions. You will obey them unless you have some extraordinary reason why you cannot. If that is the case, you will respond to whichever of us the order came from, in the same medium that you received the order, and offer the reason for your protest. If the protest is accepted, that will be the end of it. If the protest is rejected, you will obey the original order and be punished for protesting without merit.
If you violate any of these rules, you will be punished. If you violate a rule, you will confess it to us both via email immediately and humbly ask to be punished. You may be given instructions on how to punish yourself, or you may be ordered over here at a later date for a punishment session. You will keep a written log of all rules broken and what punishments you delivered to yourself and what punishments have been deferred.
If at any time you cease to comply with these rules, your relationship with me and my husband will be permanently terminated.
If you are in agreement with these rules, you will print out 2 copies and sign them both using your new name. Keep one copy in your purse at all times. Mail the other copy to us. Of course it has no legally binding authority, but it symbolizes your submission to us. These rules go into effect when we acknowledge receipt of the document. I will expect your first email that night.

Upon reading the email, I immediately printed it out and signed it. I was scared and excited. That was three weeks ago. Here is an update of those weeks…

Three times my Mistress rejected my meal plan, forcing me to go hungry. Once was because my meal plan was unacceptable as too fattening and unhealthy. The other two times were because I had violated my meal plan the previous day. First, I had a piece of chocolate that was unexpectedly offered to me at work. For this, I was also ordered to punish myself by sucking on a bar of soap for one hour. The second time, I was unexpectedly invited out to dinner and used it as an excuse not just to violate my meal plan, but to eat like a pig. My punishment for this was deferred.

I earned additional punishments for failing to exercise twice, masturbating without permission once (I also failed to masturbate in the required manner), contacting my Dom more than once on a given night, and calling my Dom by his real name once. The first time I failed to exercise I was directed to punish myself by taking a long, cold shower the next day and exercising for a full hour. The second time I failed to exercise, my punishment was deferred. My punishment for masturbating incorrectly and without permission was also deferred. (Prior to that infraction, I had only been given permission to masturbate once; since then, I haven’t been allowed to at all.) For contacting my Dom more than once on a single night, I was ordered to punish myself by spending an hour wearing my tight nipple clamps while standing facing a wall. For calling him by his real name, I was ordered to punish myself by handwriting “this stupid pig-slut will remember to address its Dom as Sir” 500 times.

Tonight I went for my first punishment session. I was going to be punished for my extreme violation of my meal plan, failing to exercise, and masturbating incorrectly and without permission. In accordance with the rules, I drove over wearing nothing but a trench coat and with pig-slut written across my chest. Merely walking in there barefoot, labeled, and naked made me feel lowly and pathetic. When I got there, Mistress told me to drop my coat on the floor. To further show her disregard for me, she made it a point of walking on my coat to dirty it.

I was led to the basement to receive my punishments. “We have tried to devise punishments that fit your violations. First, for masturbating without permission and in the incorrect manner, your pussy is going to be punished. And since my husband wasn’t here to witness your previous pussy punishment, you will receive the same one again today. Get in position.” I unhappily obeyed. My Dom stood back watching while my Mistress began kicking me in my cunt repeatedly. When I began to slip out of position too much and was too slow getting back in position, my Dom came behind me, held my hands behind my back, and held me upright by my hair.

He spoke to me. “You stupid pig-slut. You couldn’t follow the simplest of rules for even a few weeks. And not only did you masturbate without my permission, you didn’t follow any of the guidelines for how to do it. You’re lucky we are consolidating that into one punishment and not several. We’ll see how much you feel like playing with your fat pussy when my wife is done kicking the crap out of it.” He continued to hold me in place while my Mistress continued to kick my cunt. They didn’t stop until I was screaming and apologizing profusely.

“Did that hurt bitch?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Isn’t there something you are supposed to say when we hurt you?”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Weren’t you supposed to remember that on your own? And come to think of it, your apology, while heartfelt, was also unsolicited speech. I think you just earned two more punishments. Care to do the honors darling?”

My Dom directed me to lie on my back on the ground with my legs spread and in the air, exposing my sore pussy to him. “Two violations warrant two hits I think.” He then punched me directly on my cunt two times, hard. I screamed each time. It would be hard to tell what hurt more, his punches or her kicks. I cried out but remembered to thank him afterwards. He advised me not to bother requesting permission to masturbate at all this week. But since I failed to wear my butt plug during my own masturbation session, I would be required to wear it one hour every night this week.

“For violating your meal plan, we will focus on your ass, but probably not in the way you think. I’m told that you do not like enemas because they are gross. Well, tough shit. Pigs like you are gross too. Come with me.” I followed my Mistress into the bathroom where she had an enema kit waiting for me. I really dreaded this. She filled the bag with cold, soapy water which she said would increase my discomfort. She roughly inserted the tube into my ass and forced all the water into my bowels. My Dom of course stood nearby watching this, to maximize my humiliation. When the bag was empty, my Mistress ordered me to hold it in for a full five minutes. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. I was cramping and it hurt and I just wasn’t used to it. She threatened me with additional punishments if I failed.

“If you don’t want to eat properly, lose weight, and rid your body of all those fats and toxins, we will simply do it this way. I personally think this process is much less enjoyable, but maybe you like it. You’re really going to like expelling it all, right in front of us, while we watch. Then you will really feel like a fat, disgusting pig. And be warned that the next time we do this, the bag will be bigger and it will hurt even more.” Finally I was allowed to release my bowels. It was disgusting and made me want to vomit. I thanked them for the pain and was then allowed to clean myself up.

One punishment left, this one for not exercising. My Dom grabbed me by my hair to scold me. “All you had to do was 20 minutes of exercise a day. The laziest person on earth could do that. You failed to do it twice, which demonstrates a tremendous amount of disrespect for my wife who was kind enough to try and help a fat pig like you lose some weight. I will not have my wife disrespected.” He ordered me to apologize to her and I did.

This punishment was focused on my fat, flabby tits. I was tied with my back against a pole and my hands behind my back. My Mistress put on a pair of boxing gloves and approached me. She began to punch my tits hard and repeatedly, like she was working with a speed bag. Again I had never experienced anything like it and it hurt tremendously. She punched them over and over again. It felt like they were going to bust open. I’m told it only lasted 10 minutes, but it felt like longer. I guess she was getting her exercise. I was screaming by the time she was done. But my Dom was just getting started. He took my pummeled tits and began to squeeze and mash them in his hands. I was again screaming. He continued to manhandle my tits until I was crying. Through my tears I remembered to thank them both.

They warned me to shape up because the punishments would only get worse over time. I was told that my required minimum exercise was increased to 30 minutes from now on. Without any further adieu, I was given my coat and sent home. I was only allowed to button one button on my coat, adding to my risk of exposure and my humiliation.

My Dom and Mistress’s punishments were very harsh and not what I expected. I guess my expectations were unrealistic. These punishments were much worse than anything I imagined. But they served their purpose because I very much want to avoid future punishment sessions. I would rather have some fun playtime involving spankings or bondage, and fucking; but I don’t suppose I’ll be getting that until I learn some discipline.