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2012-08-27 04:25:43 (UTC)

Ok.....that is a lie

Ues I miss him and I want hom back he is my best friend.i loved hom and I think I might still love hom now I wish I could just get over him. But that is not how it works. I had the weirdest dream that I got the bells to go up to him say I love you then kiss him.he kissed me back and we ran away together for three days and I got hit by a car and that is when I woke up.When I woke up I had kind of wishe that it was not a dream . It felt so real and I loved it I was so happy. With my parents divorced,my bestt friend and I are not getting along as well, and school starting and my teachers
Mostly being beetches I need someone like him who. Cares about me a and everyone thinks as if he doesn't hit he does if u could only see how brown his eyes are when he....when he says he loves me maybe you would notice why I love him and I can't let this lOve we have go to waste.i do think he might have some feelings for me......still because when' I saw him in the hAllway he asked if I was mad at hobo said no then I asked if he was mad at me then he said no. Oh and I forgT to tell u I texted him when I got my phone back and said foxtrot uniform alpha hotel. So his dad TextEdit and told me my text was inappropriate ........but I didn't tell him it was actually my dad . Ya doesn't hat sound creepy! I know right my dad texting my friend sounds like a petifile! So i havent told any one. That. Yet.......but I might grow some balls and walk up to hom say I love u kiss him the. Walk away. I was thinking about that niño am still way too scared!!!!!!

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