Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2012-08-26 20:56:30 (UTC)

Mind Game XVI

7 sins. 7 marks, in the passage of time. 7 More til everything is done. 7 more and I will walk away. 7 more and then it's done.

The end is nigh.

We will play a game you and I.
Now I have something to write.
We shall see who is who.
The mind plays tricks.
the body heal wounds.
The game being what it is.
I wonder about the future.

A short leap of faith.
Laughter in the dark.
Standing in the Rain.
Embracing new things.
Weep for all that was.
Memory from yesterday.
A long overdue walk.

7 more days.

Don't miss them.

You won't see it again.

It's going to be thrilling.

It's going to be chilling.

Maybe not for you.

But for me?