Just Another Life
2012-08-26 22:36:11 (UTC)

What happened from Thursday thru Today

okay so i havent wrote since last wednesday so ill write what happened on the days i didnt write. Thursday - a pretty boring day but theres this new guy i saw hes pretty cute and he flirted with me in spanish class today :) and i finally got my lock off and memorized my combo and got it down pat. But i got my phone taken away sooo fml because my grandparents dont understand anything about phones so now they have to go in to verizon and ask them because theyre not believing me that i didnt go over my texting -_- Friday - got my phone back yayyy ton of homework blehhhh. I went to the jv football game tonight and my new crush is on the team he scored a touchdown and i gave him a shoutout for 1 dollar the announcer does it if u didnt already know that. My friend told me he has a gf but i know 100 percent he doesnt she likes him too BITCH lol i also went to the back to school dance there was like 20 ppl in the gym lol once u go in there u cant get out till it ends so my friend called me and was like DONT COME INNN!! so i went up to the door and she went to the window and was like its horrible in here then someone opened the door to go in so she went racing out and one of the teachers ran after her but he couldnt find her lol that was hilarious. Saturday - I was forced to go to the movies and watch Obama 2016 DONT WATCH IT EVER SAVE YOURSELVESSS!!! So if your parents are like heyy lets go to the movies ask what movie ur gonna see before u just go along with it. If they say Obama 2016 RUUUNNNNN! Or you could just say no ur choice. And then i did homework woooo. Sunday - I just got yelled at for wanting to live with my mom and now im typing this. So thats pretty much about it. Sooo ya bye. -J.A.L.

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