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2012-08-26 17:04:53 (UTC)

Jack(the name to protect my friends privacy

Jack if you only knew how exceptional you are to me. People walk passed you, normal people, and they dont even know. Hey I just walked by a wonderful guy. These little girls you like and date they dont know. But I do. All you want to do is just push me to the side. Should I stay as your friend or should I go? Should I let you push me further down the road. I fell off the face of the earth once because of you. You spend all this time with people who don't even know you as well as I do. It hurts. It really hurts and I dont even know what to say to you so I say it in this diary. You are my friend my oldest friend and I feel like my heart is breaking all over again. You broke my heart when I was eighteen and now you are breaking it when I am thirty. Breaking it worse then my kids dad ever did. Man if you only knew. You have no idea. I try to tell you today but you dont reply back to my texts. So screw it Im done.

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