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2012-08-25 14:24:13 (UTC)

The situation resumes

After we met, I wanted to talk to him. Tell him that he was handsome, I loved his shirt and what not! Some romantic words and all. But he never had time. He did not even told me if I was looking good or not.
I have not heard a romantic word from him since ages. Its as if I yearn to hear something like
*Baby, you made my life* *I am lucky to have you*
*I want you so much that I hurt*

He used to say those things at first, now its as if the spark is extinguished :'(
Recently, we fought again. His exams are approaching and I told him not to play now, concentrate on his studies and revise a bit.
Big Big mistake I did :S
He played that day when I thought maybe he will listen to me and not play. I know he does not like to be said what to do ad not to do, but I thought being his girlfriend I had a right to tell him. I am concerned about his results. When I got to know that he played, I was really hurt :(
I felt like I have no importance in his life. What I say holds no meaning for him. He doesn't have time for me and I don't tell him anything. He doesn't even care what I do, I still don't say anything. But now, I feel that my presence in his life is unwanted :(
It hurts a lot!
The following Day when I let him know that he actually hurt my feelings by not listening to me. He told me he has the right to play and I can't tell anything. Again, I felt so insignificant :'(
Why can't he see it... I don't want his results to be bad :( that's why I want him to revise a bit and leave aside the gaming for sometime.

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