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2012-08-23 11:13:08 (UTC)

8/16/12 Thurs

-lao ying's after work with lao ma and the new white customer who is suppose to be big shot Raymond brought; he tipped me $200 and then $160 for after party; was so tired so i didn't want to do any more K there and he took me home at 4 something;
-saw Michael's missed calls at 3 something; text him back; he called and wanted to meet up/fuck; he said he was in a bad mood b/c he lost $ gambling; came to pick me up and then Chinatown Hilton; i don't know why i even talk to him since he didn't even call me at work; only slept a few hours and checked out at noon;
-dropped me off home; ate leftover and watch tv; fell asleep at 5; woke up at 7;
-dinner w/t Tony--surprised he took me to VIP to have Chinese food when we all thought he is a rich guy
-work is slow, but at least he sat me that night; he also sat another girl who he sit ever since and i'm pissed about that and about her

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