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2012-08-23 00:17:55 (UTC)

8/19/12 sun

-Endup OT with lao ma; wasn't high or drunk so this is prob one the of most boring nights at endup; b/c i was still sad about Michael situation; the customer got kicked out b/c he was too high, luckily; i did 2 lines but didn't really feel anything; asked J to come pick me up after 4;
-ate leftover and watch tv and browse online until 7
-woke up at 2; had a lot of things planned for today but got mad at J and fight with him; he mad his "bed" upstairs;
-didn't get out of the house until 7; Marina grocery shopping; saw this new tw restaurant so decided to try it out--another wrong decision i blamed on J; wasted $50 for Taiwanese food; bought a lot of stuffs at Marina;
-lao mas was sick today; J took me to work; booked 2 rooms; didn't think i could go in room 3 but Dennis called me in to sit his fd; did some K; i think i was the only one had 4 rooms tonight

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