Just Another Life
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2012-08-22 22:29:54 (UTC)

Single and Flirty Again :D

So today was like the first real day of high school where we went to all our classes and worked stuff. It went pretty well cept i forgot my locker combination thank god its one of those school locks! I decided im not gonna put a lock on it all my valuable stuff is in my backpack just books in my locker sooo im okay :) yayy. I broke up with my bflast night it actually was alot easier than i thought it was going to be. Were still friends but im just gonna ignore him because he still talks to me like im his gf and it makes me feel weird. And now i can focus on getting back to my mom she called the court today too i should be gone within a month or soo WOOOOH im pretty stoked. As soon as i get there im gonna die my hair blonde and get the monroe peircing one cartilage piercing aand a tattoo on the back of my neck :) im so happy about that. My mood isnt happy though im just basically being a bitch to everyone because im grumpy and i want to signal my grandparents that im never gonna be happy here no matter what. Well i gotta get ready for tennis nothing really happened today so this is just really short. Bye. 💋

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