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2012-08-22 13:39:39 (UTC)

8/20/12 Mon

-boss drove me home; got happy's call to go OT; was playing with Luke at first then play strip dice with happy and joey and her guy; but didn't really show anything except happy was down to his undie; pretend to be high and they thought we gonna do it so they left too; did more K and slept on the couch again with him; took me home before noon; slept a few more hours;
-got up at 5 by tech's calls; fucking andy lying everyday; mad at J for all the bad luck in my life; throwing things around; J made a "bed" upstairs; J cooked--having a blister on the tongue and lost my voice very bad from work and have lawyer and andy and phil owe me money and lost money on the weed house and the laptop is working funny; andy called back after J threatened him on the texts and explain to me with his bullshit excuses; well, what can i do except believe him and wait
-called in sick; haven't had a night off for a long time;
-browse online and play fb and watch tv until 7; J is sleeping upstairs
-got email from cousin saying they r coming the end of Oct; have to think if take days off to get a place and planning things to do when they r here

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