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2012-08-21 20:12:20 (UTC)

How I Ended Up Where I Am Now

Allright second day of school went pretty well. Im going to a pep rally at 6ish i hope that goes well :) my mom mailed her letter and signed her papers for the courthouse ill be home soon :) and me and shane are on the verge of breaking up :) my plans always work. So today was a very productive day. I guess i dont really have anything to say and this iss a litttle boring so ill tell how i ended up basically where im at. I was about 4 or 5 years old and i lived in an apartment with my mom my stepdad ( worst guy in the universe) and my baby sister. Right downstairs is where my friend and her family lived so that morning i woke up and while my mom was getting ready for work i asked if i could spend the night there. So she agreed i packed my stuff and left but little did i know that was the last time i would see her till i was 9 years old... When everyone was gone out of the apartment and had been for hours and i was downstairs her mother grounded my friend and i had to leave but i had no place to go. So i sat in this bug grassy area we had in front of the apartments. Then 30 minutes later it started to rain. And it was cold tain so i stood there shivering in the rain and the managers teenage daughter found me and took me to her house where i played barbies and i remeber how much barbie stuff she had i was in heaven. Then they gave me a towel and took me to the police station where i was taken to one of the police officers homes and one of her daughters had bratz and i wasnt allowed to havy any so once again i was in heaven. And finally i was taken to another ladys home where i was given string cheese and slept and in blan dull room with one bunk bed and a lamp i slept there and woke up then was driven to my grandmas which is my moms mom. Then i lived with her till i was 7 and got taken away and moved to california with my gread grandparents my moms dads parents. And now i want to go back Where i strated and where i belong. So thats all the boringness for today byee. - J.A.L

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