2012-08-21 07:35:37 (UTC)

7/2/12 Mon

-asked Stanley to come pick me up after work; we checked in a motel in south san fran i think; i was already drunk then we drank more in the room; i think i passed out; he either didn't like what he saw, maybe my tummy, or my stretch mark, or my lips, or my overgorwn toenails, or my bad breath, or my smelly feet, or smelly pussy, or fake lash, or i snored, or b/c i was still on period or he did fuck me and didn't want to do it again; he woke me up at 8am and said he was hungry and had to go work some shit; then drop me off home; i still don't understand, he couldn't stand to stay a few more hours with me in the room? god, i hope i can forget this experience soon! hopeuflly just b/c he only wnats 1 night stand but not the other reasons that r embarassing; a lesson for me: no more young and cute guys to make me feel insecure! or just my bad luck that i met one who is so good! later on, the kind of same thing happens again--i like someone and give in too easily and feel sad or insecure about myself; should have taken cookie's advice that he is a player! holding myself back from calling him when i'm drunk at work