2012-08-21 02:05:53 (UTC)

7/8/12 sun

-endup after work; was still high after got home; had sex once but still can't go to sleep; haven't been sleeping in my own bed for 3 days; almost 12 gonna try to sleep; it's 2 still don't want to sleep; texting to phil lee for a while but he didn't reply my last text; why am i so sensitive these days? diff guys want to touch me and sit me every night give me the illusion of being wanted but in reality not everyone wants you; then you feel sad and depressed when u get rejected; that is the bad coming out of working pr; J wants me but i don't even want to come home, rather stay with diff guys; it is still b/c of him? i think i can't stand the fact that i'm being played by guys; i feel so lonely and need to be loved; J is not the person and i can't find the love anywhere now

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