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2012-08-20 06:27:29 (UTC)

Its my birthday

It’s my birthday today and I feel tired, demotivated lost and down. My wife gave me a card you can best describe as a card to an acquaintance. This is what I get for 13 years of relationship. Yet everyone is saying I should be patient and pray. I am not sure I can continue like this again. I knew today and tomorrow (our anniversary) was/is going to be hard so I am expecting a very sentimental two days. I have to push on though; this is the last chance salon I have. If anything, all things should make it very clear to me. I need to grab my life by the scruff of the neck and just plough on. My Christian life, my children my health, my wellbeing, my business, my career, my finances etc. The Grace of God will guide and strengthen me. Amen.