Just Another Life
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2012-08-20 01:01:07 (UTC)

First Entry

Well, this is just kind of a random time to start a "diary" but its the first day before school and i think it would be good for me and make a great story lol to write down my life. My name for now is anonymous i am 14 years old and my life is VERY complicated. First of all i live with my old grandparents and i very much want to live with my mom who lives with her boyfriend ( 4 years together so far) his son and their newborn ADORABLE baby. He is one month old tommorow. I went there this summer and i just came back with my grandparents 5 days ago. So far all i can do is break and cry. My life is miserable. I want nothing more than to be with my mom and the rest of my family down there... She is trying to get custody of me which i believe is totally gonna work and i should be there by christmas <3 Anyways enough about the past. Today i went to church (BLEHHHHHH) and then i went to the mall with my boyfriend. Which i dont have any feelings for him anymore... I dont know what to do about that hes really nice and i hung out with him for the first time today and so far hes a horrible kisser and hes the same height as me which means hes short. Bleh i think ill just ignore him then come up with some excuse whatever i dont like being in a relationship... Flirting and being single is wayyy better relationships are too mushy gushy for me. Im kinda like the guy in a relationship lol. Allright i think thats all for right now. See ya tommorow.