2012-08-17 01:34:25 (UTC)


In addition to self knowledge and self control we must also have a thorough understanding of society values and ethics. Such understanding involves a great deal more than familiarity with the ethical code. We must have a thorough grasp of the meaning and implications of each ethical principle. So we say, know your code of ethics. They apply to virtually every aspect of your professional life purposes.
However, a common base of knowledge is required of all social work including theory and research and community behavior and development, knowledge of processes associated with clear and accurate communication.
Responsible assertivness is yet another essential characteristics of effective social workers. The term responsible assertivness refers to the expression of one's own thoughts and feelings in a way that does not contradict the rights and dignity of others...
In fact, we must be able to express ourselves assertively in order to fullfil nearly all social roles and functions. Responsible assertiveness
is our reflection of our personal and professional power,authority and responsibility. Therefore; Express your knowledge and your opinions with respect. We should exhibit these qualities throughout the entire phase of social work characteristics . A brief summary of these values should be effective in our search of this phenomena...Don. Larsen.2012.