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As we continue:
In order to use yourself effectively in helping others, we need to possess a high level of well developed realization of the phenomena of understanding of self.Even with the motivation and positive intention, we may inadvertently express ourselves in unhelpful or maybe perhaps even negative ways. We may find ourselves feeling anxiety or fear of an unknown outcome.
The quest of self understanding and awareness is basically well worth its purpose. With out these ethical assumptions of self, we may put ourselves in an uncomfortable position that is actually makes it a disadvantage rather than an advantage to the topic of discussion.
In addition to self understanding our practices requires a large deal of self control and self discipline. We should be able to manage our own thoughts, feelings, words, gestures, and social behavior. Additionally we should try to control our patterns of behavior that tend to be detrimental. Of course, people actually do need to be rescued on occasion. Self control is quite simply essential for any professional work practice. edited and written by: Don. Larsen.