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2012-08-15 23:03:23 (UTC)

His Friends

“This afternoon you will come over to my house to be punished. You managed to rack up quite a large number of infractions this week.”

“Yes Sir. I know. I’m sorry Sir.”

“Oh, you’ll have plenty of time to apologize once you get here. Now here is how you will prepare for your punishments. First, you may not use the bathroom from here on out. You will be sure to drink one large glass of milk and orange juice mixed together, another large glass of cranberry juice, and another large glass of water. Next you will dress in a pair of cotton panties, khaki skirt, white shirt, and no bra. You will cover your nipples in red lipstick. You will write PIG on your forehead in red lipstick. You will suck on your pacifier from the moment you leave your house, nonstop, until you get here and I tell you to remove it. Understand, slut?”

“Yes Sir.”

“One other thing, I had planned to get together with some friends tonight. I didn’t want to be rude so I invited them over to watch and maybe participate in your punishment.”

“What?! No Sir, please! I can’t have people see me like this.”

“Shut the fuck up and do as you’re told. Whining and arguing will only make it worse. This semi-public humiliation is part of your punishment. A slut like you will probably get off on it. You will do whatever you are told by me or my friends. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Be here in exactly 4 hours.”

I was already embarrassed driving while having PIG on my forehead in bright letters and sucking on my pacifier. Mortified as I was walking up to my Dom’s house, I knew it was only going to get worse. I knocked on the door and he allowed me to enter. I quickly took note of the 3 people he had there with him, including one woman who looked very intimidating. “We’re finishing a conversation so go put your nose to the wall and stay out of the way.”

I stood with my nose to the wall, still sucking my pacifier and feeling my face flush red with embarrassment. After several minutes of building anticipation, I heard their attention turn to me. “So, let’s get to punishing this little bitch of yours.”

I was ordered to kneel in front of them with my hands on my head while my Dom introduced me to his friends. “This is my sub. She’s a dumb slut who absolutely loves to be tortured and humiliated. She whines and cries a lot, but pain never fails to get her wet. So don’t worry about hurting her physically or mentally, she gets off on it.” He turned to me. “These are some of my closest friends. You will obey them just as you would me. You can refer to them for today’s purposes as Master A, Master B, and Mistress C.” Still sucking on my pacifier, I merely nodded. “So folks, where should we start?”

Master B spoke first, “Let’s see what’s under those clothes.”

My Dom turned to me again. “Well cunt, what are you waiting for? You heard him, strip. Everything but the panties, they stay on for now.”

I was shaking. I couldn’t believe he was making me strip in front of three strangers. I was so embarrassed I wanted to die. Not wanting to anger any of them, I slowly did as I was instructed. Once I was naked except for my panties, my Dom spoke again. “Spread your legs and put your hands behind your head. What do you think of her?”

I stood naked before them, nipples painted red, matching my face. They wasted no time commenting on what they thought of me. And they didn’t sound particularly concerned with hurting my feelings. “Oh my god, she’s so fat.” “Why don’t you make her exercise or go on a diet?” “Look at those rolls and stretch marks.” “I can see why you call her a pig.” “I wouldn’t want to touch that body but to beat it either.” “She should be punished for being such a fat cow.” “I bet her whole body jiggles when she walks.” I tried not to cry while they laughed and mocked me.

“You think she should be punished for being such a fat pig?”

“Absolutely. She should have her fat ass beaten until she promises to go on a diet and start exercising.”

“Ok.” My Dom took out a bunch of different spanking implements and let each of his friends choose one. Master A picked the belt, Master B picked the crop, and Mistress C chose the paddle. I was bent over the back of the sofa and they started spanking my ass. After a little while my Dom pulled my panties up into my ass crack so they could see how red my ass cheeks were getting. They took turns spanking me to see who could make me yell the loudest.

Mistress C eventually spoke directly to me. “Now listen up you fat cow, we are going to continue to beat your fat ass until to promise to lose some weight. You will admit what a pig you are and promise to diet and exercise. You will thank us for helping you become a better person. And you better be convincing about it because we aren’t going to stop until we believe you.”

She began with 5 hard swats with the paddle. Then Master A gave me 5 hard lashes with the belt. Then Master B with the crop. The continued taking turns giving me 5 hard strokes each while I degraded myself by trying to convince them I would work to lose weight. “I’m sorry for being such a fat, disgusting pig. Thank you for showing me just how fat I am. I promise I will start dieting immediately. I promise I will start exercising every day. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for helping this fat pig. I promise to lose weight. Thank you for spanking my fat ass. I deserve it for being such a filthy pig. I promise to do better.” I was screaming my words and crying from pain and humiliation.

Eventually Mistress C was satisfied. She spoke to my Dom. “I think she might be sincere. You should weigh her immediately and then weigh her again next week. If she hasn’t lost at least 5 pounds, I’d be happy to come back over and motivate her some more.”

“Thank you. I think that is an excellent idea. Let’s go weigh her.” I was lead into the bathroom and onto the scale. I was mortified at my weight – 204. Mistress C took a permanent marker and wrote the number on my stomach, so there would be something to compare my weight to next weekend.

While in the bathroom I mentioned to my Dom how much I had to pee. All those glasses he had me drink earlier had caught up with me. “How badly do you have to go?”

“Very badly Sir.”

“Oh, I bet you can hold it another hour.”

“No Sir. I can’t possibly. I really have to go.”

“Ok. I’ll be nice. You can go. Step into the bathtub. Stand with your legs together.” I reluctantly obeyed. This can’t be good. “Well, what are you waiting for? Go if you have to go.” I realized I was going to have to pee in my panties with him and his friends watching. More humiliation. I frowned and after a few moments of stage fright, I began to piss myself. I was mortified as the warm, smelly piss began to cover my panties and run down my legs. His friends laughed.

When I was done my Dom ordered me to take my panties off. “Hold them up to your nose and smell them.” I did. “They smell pretty bad, don’t they? That’s because of how filthy and disgusting you are. I don’t want those dirty, smelly things around my house. Why don’t you at least try to clean them a little? You heard me, get them in your mouth and start sucking.”

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. I could tell from looking at him that there would be no reprieve. I took my piss-soaked panties and shoved them into my mouth. I almost gagged. I started sucking on them, much to the amusement of his friends. My Dom took this time to allow Master A to hose me down with cold water. He didn’t want me dripping piss all over his house. Eventually I was allowed out of the tub. But I was not allowed to take the panties out of my mouth.

For their next round of amusement, I was cuffed with my hands behind me. Master B found my Dom’s two sets of clover clamps with connecting chains. He took one set and attached a clamp to my right nipple and left pussy lip. Then he used the other set to attach a clamp to my left nipple and connect it to my right pussy lip. The chains were too short to allow me to stand upright so I had to walk and stand bent over. To add a little more pain to my predicament, my Dom hung a few weights from the chains, painfully stretching my nipples and pussy lips.

Mistress C walked behind and started whipping my legs with the riding crop to encourage me to walk around. I once again looked ridiculous and my Dom’s friends laughed at me mercilessly. With my piss-soaked panties still in my mouth I could only groan. The walking made the weights swing and hurt even more. Not being able to stand up all the way was very humbling and uncomfortable. Master A took a turn with me next, blindfolding me and putting a collar and leash on me. He led me around with the leash, still stuffed and cuffed and clamped. Following his tug on my leash, I kept trying to stand up to walk and ended up pulling the clamps even more. When I started crying, it was hard to tell whether it was from the pain or the humiliation.

Eventually they tired of this and decided to move on. The clamps, weights, collar, and leash were removed. I was finally allowed to remove my disgusting panties from my mouth. But since nobody wanted to risk them touching anything, I was ordered to pull them over my head and wear them around my neck like as a wet and dirty collar.

I was then ordered onto the floor and into the diaper position. Just when I thought my embarrassment couldn’t get any worse, I found myself in front of these three strangers on my back with my legs held up and wide in the air with my pussy open and on full display. My Dom invited his friends to take a close look at me. Mistress C thought I was so disgusting she ended up spitting in my face and on my pussy. Masters A and B loved the look on my face so much when she did this, they each took turns spitting on me too.

My Dom came over with the flogger. “Now cunt, you were originally scheduled to come over here to be punished, and we aren’t quite done yet. You are going to get your pussy whipped by myself and each of my friends. We are each going to give your pussy 15 hard lashes, for a total of 60. You will count each lash and say ‘I am sorry for being such a naughty cow’ after each one. If you lose count or forget the sentence, we will start all over again. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

My Dom when first, followed by Master A, Master B, and Mistress C. “One, I am sorry for being such a naughty cow! Two, I am sorry for being such a naughty cow! Three, I am sorry for being such a naughty cow… Fifty-nine, I am sorry for being such a naughty cow! Sixty, I am sorry for being such a naughty cow!” I was screaming and crying in pain by the time they finished. I was told to crawl to a corner and stay with my nose in the corner until I composed myself.

When I was called back over, it was to receive my parting instructions. “Your goal this week is to lose 5 pounds. You will keep your current weight written as it is on your stomach. In fact, you will go over it again in permanent marker every morning after you get out the shower. You are not allowed to masturbate or orgasm at all this week. You will be weighed again next weekend. If you have lost the full 5 pounds, you will be allowed an orgasm. If you have not, Mistress C has volunteered to come over and whip your fat stomach 50 times as punishment. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. You will be allowed to put back on your shirt and skirt for the drive home. But your dirty panties will stay around your neck for the drive home and all night. You may not take them off until morning, at which time you will put them back on and wear them, filthy as they are, all day tomorrow. Then every night for the rest of the week you will wear the same filthy panties around your neck while you sleep, as a constant reminder of how disgusting you are. You will again suck on your pacifier as you drive home. You will suck on it at least 3 full hours tonight and 2 hours every night thereafter until next weekend. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“You will also write a letter to each one of my friends thanking them for helping to punish you and thanking them for trying to stop you from being such a pig. You will be sincere in your letters and degrade yourself appropriately. If they aren’t satisfied with your letters, they will be invited over to punish you again next weekend. Any questions?”

“No Sir.”

“Good. Then get out of my house and be here on time next weekend, ready to be weighed.”

I doubted very much my ability to lose the required weight in one week. I felt so embarrassed all I wanted to do was go home and comfort myself with food. My Dom’s friends were right. I was a pig and a cow and I deserved to be punished for it. I would thank them for punishing me and beg them to help me, to give me the amount of discipline I required. I knew I was too weak to do it on my own. But I suspected that my Dom’s devious friends might be able to give me the motivation I needed.