2012-08-15 03:02:31 (UTC)

8/13/12 Mon

-went to Westin w/t Michael again after work; he came to pick me up
-got high on M and couldn't sleep until 8
-left the hotel at 2; had chicken noodle; drop me home
-i feel so lonely and feel even worse after being with a guy who just needs sex and i did it for free too
-came out with J; he had pho and i ate a lil
-mani and pedi next door hoping it would cheer me up but heard a bad news: the fremont house got busted; i'm in a worst mood now;
-had 2 rooms and did a lot of coke in the room;
-of course went with Ricky after; how funny he thinks i would fall for the stupid romantic stuffs: candles and stick it notes; got high on k and so high and emotional and fell asleep in his arm